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would you rather play Classic LoL or Dominion

Classic 3 50%
Dominion 3 50%
Voters 6 .


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I aint gonna lie, but i am not impressed by the game play of dominion. the music is cool how it goes with the battle and gets more epic. the map is cool. but really the game play is just meh at best imo. of course i will try to play it more and see if that can change but the few games i have play they are not like, OMFG i got to play more of this.
now i did not go off and think it was going to be one way, then get bummed out cause it was not what i wanted. i always keep an open mind to what ever the devo team puts out there. just my feelings on it, and i can say i will most likely choose classic over dominion any given time.
but other than that i am wondering how many people would rather play classic over dominion at this point of time. yes i know it's still in beta, but really on the beta plays that you all have done which one would you rather play? Classic or Dominion