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Dominon is great fun, and haters can go away.

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Look if you enjoy a hour long game in SR, that's great, but some of us would like to actually PvP before the 20 minute mark, so take your hate and get out of this forum.

Dominion is amazing. Yes their is imbalance but it was expected.

Summoners Rift is slow. If you say otherwise than you have 0 understanding of what fast is. Some of us don't enjoy smacking mobs around for 15-20 minutes straight. It's down right boring and its been catered to enough.

Now Riot is catering to a group who would like something new and something fast. We don't want another summoners rift (i.e. Magma chamber). So really, if you think its bad thats great and all but don't post it here.

Dominion is great and I look forward to the release. Props to riot.

EDIT: Announcers tone also sounds better, fits the pace.