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Too Chaotic

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I'm loving the new mode and it IS fun.. but only if you don't get an awful team.. I'm already getting sick of people that just chase for kills while we lose points.. doesn't anyone get it? Holding points is infinitely more important than running off to get a kill.. They're just gonna respawn in 10 seconds anyway.. and it's a LOT harder to recapture a point.

And seriously half of my games my team skips capping one of our team's first two points.. WHAT is with that??? like I've gone top and ended up having the entire team follow.. or I go bot and my team just skips over the upper left/right points to go for windmill..

I feel like premade teams are a must because it's just too chaotic.. everyone's running frantically around trying to get kills and completely ignoring the important things like defending our points especially the quest. I've had my team abandon the quest point to go for a point that isn't even our quest...

So all in all I had fun but I can tell the only thing that's kept me from raging harder than SR is the fact that it's new and exciting.. once that wears off this behavior is going to ruin it for me. QQ done.

also what is with this 2 top 2 bot 1 mid strategy? it makes NO sense whatsoever and I've seen several people argue in favor of it

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its chaotic because no one has played it for very long yet, calm down LOL