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Dominion has some flaws

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Ic no problem with farm I use my junglers all the time same build and everything and still max items and do fine. People dont notice this isnt SR ur builds will change if ur useing same build as u do in SR then yes the odds r u will suck some builds work both modes some do not I have play bout 30 games and used all my toons from ww to anivia to ashe and tanks I think the blance is pretty good. I use brand and get 3 deathcaps lol so im sure u get enough gold were u dont have to farm

Also tanks are more op then useless lol I play ramus first time ever playing him in dom we won I was number one with 16/6/10 12/8 yes if ur trying to farm ur a noob and u wont get alot of gold u get more by defending capimg amd killing if u look into what roit said is they pretty much removed farming so stop doing it