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My thoughts

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Feel free to post yours, bash mine or be a total troll, because I don't care what you say, i'm just putting my opinion out there.

After playing 4-5 Games in dominion I've come to the conclusion that this mode highly favors fast moving, (tanky) melee dps. Most casters are very sub-standard (Only good one is Zilean due to his speed) and tanks are only good if they can hold down multitudes of people at one point.

Champs that are going to need a nerf (FOR DOMINION ONLY. They are fine on SR):
Rammus: Innate speed is the best in the game and if you don't have rammus and they do, you lose.

Heimer: Able to hold down several people at one location just with one or two abilities, and they are really low cooldown.

Again, this is my experience and therefore NOT fact.

Suggestions: Buff AP Characters, allow them to take a hit or two without going SQUISH and give them some bite. Supports are fine, they currently have viable mage strats.