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So does anyone know how what defending is? The best way to win is to sit on 3 points believe it or not. Yet people like to go fight in the forest/roads while the twitch or yii takes their towers. Or just wander around like a chicken with its head cut off not knowing what to do, run into that akali and then they die putting our team a man down. Seriously when you capture a point don't just leave to go find that lone teemo to kill, defend the thing.

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So, random scenario (that I've seen a few times now): you've got 3 peeps on top, 2 on bottom left, you also own top left, but no one is there. A wild Rammus appears at your top left. He's geared, and will presumably eat any of your players 1v1. So you send 2 players, leaving one of your bases with a single defender. That base gets overwhelmed, and rammus survived long enough that you don't have that middle base back yet. Now it's 3 for their team, 1 for you, 1 neutral.

Or do you have a better way to defend?

Ignoring certain champs and team comps: sitting on bases seems good but staying aggressive with point caps is better. Either you take the point you push, while they take the point you lost, and you retain 3:2 in your favor; or you keep them defending their bases, unwilling to send out players to ninja points. Good news for you either way.

On a similar subject: if it comes down to dying on the speed buff because you left a tower you just capped vs dying at your tower holding off the same player: yes, stay on the **** point.