Promotion Series And League

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Hello all.

I don't expect this to get good reviews, but I just need somewhere to let this out.

I just lost my seventh series now. Every single time before a series, I'm winning like 5 in a row.
As soon as I get to my series? Loss, loss, gg.

I'm not one of those people claiming "Wow, I'm stuck in this bracket but I should be Diamond hurrhur".
I'm just unbelievably rattled at this stupid system, and how unfair it is that my team EVERY time I'm in a series can make me get stuck in this bracket.

Promotion series alone are a BAD idea. The fact that Riot wants to promote a friendly, team-based game by adding a stressful, rage-inducing "series" is absolutely ludicrous.
The fact that you can get stuck in a league for so long, solely based on your teammates is also ridiculous.
How is it my fault that my mid rage quits when he dies once? Or that my top laner goes 40cs in 20 minutes and let's a Ryze get 120?

I can confidently say that 95% of my series games I deserve to win. I win my lane, I successfully roam, I have a positive attitude, but I still lose because my teammates AFK, rage, or are just flat-out bad. This **** is just straight up unfair. These people either bought their account, or are the most lucky people on Earth.

And to make it ALL worse, no one even reports people that AFK or rage. And on top of that, the Tribunal has to also pass them as punishable to even get them a warning. A WARNING.
Why are people getting warnings when they rage quit a game in someone's series?
Why are people getting warnings when they rage at your entire team and make everyone's morale be 0, so you end up losing?

I would honestly love to hear a Riot employees view on how promotion series are a good idea in the slightest?