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Problem with quests

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The quests appear at random, and the object has always been to do something you would already be doing.

I had a game during testing today where both teams were very evenly matched. It had been going back and forth on which team owned 3 for most of the game.

At one point in the game, both teams pushed two different nodes at the same time. We were pushing bottom right and they were pushing top left. It was an equal sized push with equal defenders on both points. It was going to likely end in a trade. Right before both teams got to the point, a quest appeared to assault the top/top left. This basically fed their team a free quest with little effort because we had already decided to let the trade happen while we tried to take bottom right and ninja top right. We got both nodes, but I given how often nodes were changing hands I don't believe we got the better end of that trade.

Ultimately if the quest had been up when the pushes started, we would have tried to defend/push the quest nodes while trying to ninja one of the others. We had zero chance to take advantage/prevent them from getting the quest. While 1 quest is only going to tip the scales in a perfectly even team match, this could in theory happen multiple times and one team could just get incredibly lucky.

I dislike large scale random chance in competitive games. The occasional dodge I can understand and it makes character design interesting, but this would be like making turrets in SR randomly worth 3x gold for short periods of time. One team gets lucky and they get half+ of an item from just being in the right place at the right time.