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Petition to release Dominion NOW!

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The reason Dominion isn't out is due to some server and platform scaling things we want to ensure are great for the release. Basically, with something like this, you can imagine how much busier the servers will be at peak time - and few things are more FFFFFFF than something new you want being there and it being laggy, or having to wait 3 hours.

The beta's intent is to make sure this doesn't happen and when it's out, it's clean, smooth and the wait is impacted as little as possible.

So are you going to gradually make the beta periods longer and closer to peak hours then to find the breaking point?

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Silver salvation

Senior Member


you played so you may have noticed the significant FPS drop and slight server lag. what happens when that load of players more then doubles? triples? The game as is looks very ready to launch, but knowing riots history with servers, California would have a black out.