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Leauge of Legends Begginners Manual

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In light of the servers being down, ive decided ive got SOOO much free time, i could post a quick Tutorial, or Guide rather for some of the newer players, and newer players to come with the beta key giveaway with Facebook.


Welcome to League of Legends, In this game you may experiacne the follwing emotions:

The burning passion to shout at the top of your lungs!

And a plethera of different emotions mixed together into the Emotion blender we all love and call LoL.

In this short Guide i hope to ease some of this, and encourage some more of it.

1.a. Uncommon Features to other MOBA titles.

LoL has many different features other MOBA games, Like dota or its more attractive, younger cousin, HoN do not have. These features can be confusing to new comers, and experienced players alike. So heres a Minor Explantion.

Runes-Runes are a seperate system in the game, of which you can obtain MINOR Minor upgrades for your Champions in game. They are seperated into Four groups, Marks(red) Seals(yellow) Glyphs (blue) and quitinessence (purple/brown) You are given one Slot for each group per level respectivly. All the way up to Level 30. Bringing us into our next portion.

Leveling-In LoL, as you play games,win or lose, your "summoner" gains Experiance. The experiance gained is Halved for Losses however. Your Summoner can Level all the way up to 30, gaining more Spells, Rune slots, and Mastery Points as you go.

Masteries- Also in LoL, there is another way to help your Champion out in game called MASTERIES. There are 3 different mastery trees, similar to that of WoW, in the game. You have Offensive, which of course is all your AP amd Damage output stuff. Deffensive, Which would be Health, Armor, and Dodge%. Finally, Utility which is for when you play batman...it upgrades his Utility belt.... No really its essentially the selfish build. It Deals with HP/MP regen, Spell cooldown, Summoner spell cooldown, Experiance other such things. You upgrade your masteries respectivly with each level you gain.

Summoner Spells- In another form to Help your Champion ingame, your Summoner comes decked out with his own AWSOME set of spells gained as he levels. These spells include awesome titles such as, HEAL, Flash, Teleport, Ghost, and many more. Your summoner Can have two of these spells on at a time, Its best to Go with your Play style when choosing which spell is For you.

2. Gameplay/Tips/Tricks
Will edit later, ran outa time

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Pretty good stuff. Also, you still gain just as mush experience playing a practice game as a normal game, and wining or losing a practice game won't affect your score.

I know you didn't post any game play stuff yet quep, but just know new player, that enemy turrets have a long range and can kill you very fast. They won't attack you while they could target one of your little minions tho (The small guys you can't control). However, if you attack one of your enemy's characters, turrets will target you if you're in range. Too many times do new player just run into the enemy turrets a few times before they realize this.

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Sorry this has nothing to do with your actual guide but

Why does everyone who writes a beginner guide spell beginner wrong? >>