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Dominion, Everything You Love and More!

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So summoners, are you nervous/excited about Dominion? I got in a couple of games, and I want to alleviate some concerns.

Yes, ******bags and twits ARE still around. The same people who make regular 5v5 a drag will complain that you're an utter noob @ Dominion too! Sure, the open beta JUST started today, but if you're not pro they don't want you there! Also, when pointing out that Dominion is new to those friendly, chummy gents, be prepared for them to attack you in a much more general sense. "You're just a *beepy* player you *beeping* dumb *beep*." Why they imitate car horns is beyond me.

So, go play Dominion and enjoy the fast paced ridiculous fun. And if anyone gives you a hard time, ignore them completely! They're imbeciles!