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Dominion Thoughts

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So like I tried dominion and it was super fun, but it still seems to me bruisers and assassins have an advantage. While bruisers don't have as much as an advantage in Dominion as they do in Twisted Treeline they are still strong overall.

It was said that every champion can be played and be useful in some role in Dominion but while it may be true to some extent it seems like certain champions still have a big advantage. Examples:
-Playing Ashe (or any auto attacker) vs Jax, even with a Sword of the Divine it seems you have no chance against that bruiser
-Guarding a capture point as Gragas and a Poppy comes in and bursts you down without you being able to defend
-Assassins like Talon and Akali basically massacring everyone
-Janna hugging a capture points to defend only to be killed by solo Poppy or solo Talon

In conclusion it feels like burst characters and tanky dps have more of an advantage in Dominion compared to most other champions.