Solo/Duo Que Trolls/Jerks

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Hey everyone! Since the start of S4 I feel like there has been more trolls than there were in S3. I feel like 1 out of every 5 games I play has polite people that are there to try and win. I am in silver 5 right now and the people I get in que are starting to make the game less fun than it was.

For example in the last game I played a my Lux fed Akali and then Shaco started flaming her so she sold all her items and just ran in to die over and over. Then because she did that Shaco Afks and Darius starts calling everyone noobs and various other lame "insults".

NOBODY always has perfect games. Me included. But I always try to stay positive and not complain in all chat the entire game, and I don't blame other people for my mistakes. I don't mind if someone does bad in lane as long as they try and fix what they are doing and play safer. Its just the people that do bad and then start raging at others that just makes me question why I even play this game.

I am posting this because I am wondering if there is a way that Riot can come up with a way to filter the people who are toxic away from the people who actually want to play the game and have fun.

I look at peoples match history on lolnexus/lolking and theres some people that obviously troll game to game.

I dunno... any ideas?