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[Champion Suggestion] Markus, the insane brawler

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Ok so I was really bored and so I crated Markus. Hed be a meele rage hero, which isnt in the game yet and I think someone posted something about rage here alrdy but I dont care, hes my creation Before I start I must warn you that Im really bad with numbers so there wont be any specifics by the skills.

Story: This is a bit tricky. I made 2 for him, both seem good to me so Ill write both in here.

First one : Ever since Markus was a little child, he had problems with his anger.Everyone who knew him saw atleast once what he was capable of when angry. Nothing could stop him, not even his parents, who both were generals in the demecian army. This was also the reason, why at the age of 8 his parents decided that his brute strength and anger could be used for something good too. Thats why they asked their friend, Garen, to not only train him but also help him manage his anger. From this day on, Markus hasnt left Garens side and has become a feared part of the Demecian army.

I know its kinda lame but I wrote that story when garen came out and he kinda seems a good tutor for anger management.

Second one: Markus inherited his brute strength from his father and his temper from his mother. Both of them being warriors their child became something more. At the age of five he was already able to lift massive boulders, and not only that, but also throw or crush them with ease. But with his strenght also came a problem. He was easily angered even by the tyniest thing, making him go berserk. Knowing he would one day hurt someone he decided to join the league of legends, where he hopes to find someone able to help him.

Ok so those are the stories I came up with tell me which one you like more, I could work on that one.

Quote: Pity the fool who angers Markus.

Skills: Ok so as I wrote earlier Markus works on rage which I have to explain before I continue.

Rage: This will be something like mordes shield but with the diference that it will go up when attacking normaly (jsut hiting) or when being hit. It will go down when out of combat for some time.
Max amount will be 100 and the bar will be red
Rage will be a double edged blade. This means that the more rage Markus, or any other hero that will have it, will do more damage with attack and skills aswell, but they will also take more damage to balance it out.
Markuses skills will be improved with the amount of rage.

Now to the skills.

Passive: Cant think out anything that wouldnt be imbalanced or just plain stupid, Ill need help with this one

Q Wrathful Bash: Markus strikes the enemy with a powerfull blow.
-damage is set, increases with each level up of the skill and is increased % with attack power
-rage will upgrade the skill
-at 50 rage Bash will stun the target for a really short duration (something like a microstun)
-at 100 the stun gets a bit longer

W Regeneration: Markuses anger makes his body work faster, making him move and heal faster.
-this skill has a passive and an active
Passive: Gives a boost to movement and attack speed and hp regen.
-the passive doesnt work when on cooldown
Active: Markus uses up all his rage to double the effect.
-amount of rage will define the duration
-after this Markus will become slower in both attack and movement(like blitz) and he wont regen his hp for a while either, even with hp regen items.

E Anger spin: Markus grabs the target and then start spining him around damaging every enemy around him. After the spells is over Markus throws the grabbed target.
-Heroes can brake out of this but are unable to attack while being held. This means skills like shunpo will work.
-the throw is in the direction in which Markus was facing when grabing.
-this spin duration is incrased with rage aswell.

R MARKUS SMASH!: Markus charges and grabs the first champion that crosses his path. He then starts pomeling the champion into the ground, causing damage and stuning the victim.
-this skill is something like WWs ulti but Markus has to hit someone to grab him. This makes it possible to avoid it and waste his cooldown.
-you can blink out of this spell too jsut like from the spin
-no rage upgrade by this one but whole rage wil be consumed if used

Role: fighter,assasin
-he cant be a tank because of the rage and he probably wotn be a good solo liner because he has no aoe skills if he has noone to grab.

Looks: Well im really bad at rawing too so I didnt draw him but this one I found on deviantart looks like something I was think about

His voice would be deep and manly you know, to give him the feel of an angry muscle man

Hope you like him, please write me a response about Markus, what you like and dont like Ill read it all.


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Cap Kamu



Sounds cool and i have a suggestion for passive

Focused Anger Strike: on his 5th hit on the same person he has been hitting he gains two times more rage then normal and scares the target so mutch it silences the target for 1 second. On top of that, if the user has 90 to 100 rage the damage is doubled.

on a side note him spinning around cho gath is gonna be funny to watch.

one more thing, think you can give the names of the skills more awsome sounding, bash just sounds boreing.

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Nice passive but getting rage silencing and doing a crit basicaly is kinda much dont you think ? id skip the double dmg and it would be cool
and about the names I know they sound cheap but what would you call them ?
bash could be Fist of fury and ultimate could be MARKUS SMASH

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bump since noone said anyhing exept Cap Kamu.
Renamed his Q and R and wrote a role for him