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Making a 5's Team Need 3 More

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Senior Member


I Currently Play;
@1. Ability Power - Zilean, Morgana, Annie, Ryze, Brand, Soraka, Oriana

I specialize in Annie, Brand and Zilean. The others I am comfortable with also, and are willing to put down and be tested on.

@2. Jungler - Amumu, Udyr, Fiddle, Gangplank

Amumu has been my main since lvl 20. I currently have 200+ wins on this champion and 2 Quadra kills to my name, but unfortunatly in normals, and a 61% win rate in ranked. The next 3 I almost constantly play because of how much fun they are, and always jungle. I have a good record on Udyr in season one ranked with 60%. I have been playing Fiddle and GP much more in arranged 5 normal games than ranked, and I am confident in both. Currently I've yet to be out-smited in my last 50 games at least, while jungling. It doesn't happen.

My in game name is; obey the frog