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Katarina -- fun times had by all

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Significantly overpowered by the fact that she doesn't need mana or mana regen to spam two fairly significant nukes (both based on attack) with less than 10 second cooldowns, in addition to her best-in-game carry passive (roughly equivalent to Jax's ult). The only part of her that isn't straight up broken is the ult.

Imagine if you made Tristana's rocket jump and ult both have 10s cooldowns, made her ult bounce to 6 targets, made her attack speed skill passive, made her AoE-on-death use Exhaust as the active instead of the weak DoT, made them all free, and made them all instantly cool down if she got an assist or kill. THAT is Katarina.

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Im with Puppetsoul..she needs mana or significantly longer cooldowns..her skills are equivilent if not better than another existing characters skill and mana free.

Her dagger throw is better than sivir, and isnt a passive mana drain
Her teleport in combination with any slowing item makes her as good or better than warwicks ult

Honestly i think the biggest problem is how fast her movespeed is...