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LoL: Joining game sometimes breaks my Internet

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Hey all,

Very rarely, maybe it's happened to me 3 times so far, when I join a new game of LoL, my Internet connection will stop working right as the first creeps are about to meet each other in combat. I get disconnected from LoL and can't access anything else on the Internet. ipconfig -release and -renew doesn't help, so I have to reset my router. Once it resets, my Internet is back up. I check my favorite webpages and everything is fine. Then, as soon as I rejoin the LoL game, my Internet stops working again. I barely have enough time to type out "Sorry guys my Internet is being stupid" before I get disconnected again. The timing is always the same (right as the first fight of a new LoL game is going to start, my connection to LoL dies, and takes the rest of my Internet access with it). Rejoining a game I got disconnected from in this way causes the same kind of disconnect.

I've never had problems with my Internet connection before, and because of the exact same timing in each game that it does happen, I'm fairly certain that getting in a LoL game is causing it to happen. I dunno if it's my network card, LoL, my ISP, or whatever is the cause.

I have a home broadband Internet connection that's usually very, very stable.

Has anyone else out there experienced something like this? Should I ask my ISP for help, or could there be something in the LoL client that can take out my Internet connection? If you need detailed specs of my computer I can provide them.

Thanks for any help, and sorry to the guys whose team I'm on when this happens.


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Senior Member


same problem me and my roommate have tried 4 games and 3 of them have broke the internet. a soft reset of the router corrects the problem.