Suggestion for Solo queue Rankeds

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Well Iīve playing solo queue ranked since the reset and I got 3 wins and 0 loses I got top rating 1350, after that I won 2 times more and then.. started losing. Why, I wont say im the best at playing, because im not, but I can blame leavers and some bad teamwork and players for it, now im 5 - 10 and my rating is 9xx. I think that matches in ranked shouldnīt be done by summoners current rating, but for their top rating, because of the current rating I have, I keep getting matched with "noobs" not to call it an offense... but I really canīt win games I keep losing and have lost 7 in a row, its insane. If I get teamed with people from my top rating then I will be able to take it up again because I do have the skills to get higher rating since thats the reason it got to that top. Please to this into consideration, I just played with a dude that said he was drunk, that really takes the WTF phrase into use. PLEASEEEEEEEEE help me get out of that rating since of the teams I keep getting.. all I see is my lose account going more and more down.. thanks