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Flawless victory in high elo game

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Nobal Kain

Senior Member


I don't think you know what i meant lol. Have you seen Phreak play? Or his videos ? Im getting at the fact that I HAVE NO idea how hes High ELO.

It doesn't matter. The fact is he IS.

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cos he almost never uses the builds in champ spotlight xD.... noone ever listens to their own guides thats just plain silly XD

I suppose by judging by the videos and some of his live steam ... >_>'

I also dont understand how the hell you can get high ELO at this point. I mean today alone i got matched up 4 times with people who fed all game and 1 game where 2 people left I dont get it... The matchmaking system is just fail.

People cry about the queue dodging pfft...