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Rune Stats

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I think that when you choose your page after champion selection. instead of just listing all your runes it should break that into categories. If i have 2 runes of + attack speed it shouldn't be separate it should just be one category for attack speed showing me my runes for it.

To me the best idea for having 3 pages is so that you can have a different one depending on what type of hero you are playing, between say caster, assassin, and tank. This way you have a pre-made page for what ever hero type you are playing as. obviously im not to worried about attack speed with a caster.

This type of sorting would make it easier in that aspect rather then just having this super long list of stuff you have going on.

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Definitely agree. This makes it a lot easier to focus certain runes for builds, instead of searching through 100 or so runes to find specific types.