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Card Sagas Wars

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I never heard about this game until a few days ago while looking up some other game.

Apparently it's a fan-made game thats been in development for at least 3 years O_o


it's spanish mind you... because the creators are in spain... though I wonder why their page links are in english like "updates" and "links" and such O_o

Anyways, my mind is blown to bits by this epic of epic. For a long time now since Brawl came out I been saying there should be a hand-held version of brawl that is probably 16-bit.

This comes pretty darn close to what I was thinking of, except the characters from non-nintendo series... but that makes it even better!

I welcome our new overlords, I wish they would update more, seems like they update once or twice a year from the looks of it. If it's one day released I would love to play X and Etna and Chocobo.

edit: apparently a demo was scheduled to be released 2 years ago but that never came to fruition. I thought this project was dead but the last update is this year.

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Yes, this game has been in development for a long time, and a demo was planned, however, they (only two people are working on the entire game) are waiting until they can guess a release date for the full game before they release a demo.

Anyway, here's all the information in English here:

Oh yeah, and fyi, it's not a handheld game