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Akali questions

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I am recently tyrying out Akali.
She is sure fun, but I don't feel like I am getting out enough of her potential. (K=D<A)
Can anyone give some tips on her?
Especially play style tips and mindset tips are appreciated, I seem to have a problem with nearly all squishies :P

Current Build
Longsword + pot
[cheap defense item 1 goes here]
Guinsoo (sell longsword any point after getting pickaxe)
[cheap defense item 2 goes here]
Lich Bane

Skilll Order
1. Q
2. W/E (situational)
3. Q
4. E/W
5. Q
6. R
R > Q > W > E ( I thought I might use the area slow more... )

I don't want a seperate runepage for her, I already have a generic DPS page and a generic mage page.

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My skill order is Q-E-W then focus on R (When available) then Q, then E, then finally W.

The reason for this is because Q is the only harassing ability you have, as well as a major source of your damage.

For items I go Tome+potion
then mercury treads
then upgrade tome to sheen,
then get phage
then zeal
Complete Trinity
Then get Rageblade
Then get Rylai (I tend to go belt-wand-tome)

After that its situational. If you up against a lot of magic get a Abyssal Scepter. If the enemy team is tanking you pick up a voidstaff. Lot of people like Youmuus ghostblade. if the game is still going I will get a guardian angel for my last item.

For runes I for magic penetration for red, evasion for yellow, ability power per level for blue, and a flat health quent, and two flat ability power quents.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply
I think your build is a bit too squishy for my taste....
You see, I have some problems with "hit-and-run" playstyle at the moment :P

But yeah, I see the reasoning behind your build.
I'll be considering that when I reevaluate my build

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Marks: Go for magic pen.
Seal: Go for dodge
Glyph: Go for mix of flat CD reduction and lvl CD reduction.
Quints: 2xmagic pen + 1 flat dmg

Summoner spells:

Flash is decent but can easily be done without.
Ignite is awesome, especially with the mastery giving an extra 10 AP when its on CD.
Exhaust is good too. Always get the mastery for this one if you choose it.
Smite is great if you jungle and on 3v3.
Cleanse can be usefull, but can also easily be done without.

Everything else i've found to be useless. Except clairvoyance which is always a nice team spell, but much better on a character going for the Utility tree.


Start with Dorans blade or esp. in 3v3 Elixir of fortitude.
(Dorans blade is only useful if you have the flat dmg rune + 3x 1 extra dmg masteries. Gives you the initial 10% spell vamp + 4% life steal form dorans blade, if you don't have the runes/masteries, go for the longsword or elixir of fortitude and then for pickaxe.)

Get boots and 2x Magic tomes, then upgrade magic tome into mejai and 10% spell vamp item.
After this focus either on getting Rylais or Guinsoo. Usually especially on 5v5, Rylais is the better of the two to focus, since it gives your awesome slow and some much needed hp)

Once you have both Guinsoo and Rylai, you can go a number of ways depending on the opposing team.
If they have a lot of stun etc. go for Mercury boots, otherwise sorcerer shoes.

If you have a lot of AP from mejais, maybe go for Lich Bane, otherwise maybe a Zonyas ring.
If they have a lot of Magic res go for abyssal scepter instead. Especially if they also have a lot of magic dmg, since it gives some nice magic res, just like Lich Bane.

Sell dorans blade at some point here for the spot, and if the game drags on sell the spell vamp item too. Late game you want more ap over the extra 10% spell vamp.

High AP focus is better than hybrid, so don't go Trinity. Trinity gives a chance slow, but Rylais gives you a slow on ALL abilities, and you use abilities ALL the time, including AOE's. Rylais also gives more hp and AP. The extra damage from lich bane will also most often amount for more once you get some mejais stacks etc. but you CAN build without Lich Bane in case you get lots of stacks. In that case i prefer Zonyas ring for the 100 AP and 25% bonus.

The leveling of your abilities:
You want to focus on Q, then E, then W, and obviously always lvl R whenever possible. The first 3 lvls go Q then E or W depending on need. Usually E is a better choice for the extra burst dmg.


Use Q to harass. Use Q and E to farm. Always throw a Q on your target before using R, and just after using R and hitting your target throw a smoke bomb and use E. Then jump around and attack with abilities as much as possible. Try to hunt down escaping champs. With rylai and the 22% spell vamp (at this point) you can sustain a lot of dmg in 1vs1 and hunt down easely.
When entering teamfights, try to get in from an unexpected angle and enter the fight a little after it begins, don't initiate or nearly initiate, but try to get the damage focused on the tankier characters first. Once you enter, they might try to focus you, but due to the smoke bomb and your jumping around, this will be hard, and most of the dmg you take should be AOE dmg. This will still often hurt you a lot, but with the spell vamp, 50% hp should'nt be a problem, since most enemy spells are on cool down now. Learn to know when and how to use your R properly. If a couple enemy champs usually escape in team fights, remember to save at least one R for late team fight. Never go below 2 R's when jungling, farming etc. as you might suddenly need it. R can also be great as a finisher, so sometimes use it just to do damage and not to chase if you believe it will make a difference. Another tip is to use R to get close to nukers like Ryze, Annie, Anivia etc. who you can take down with ease. In some cases you might want to jump in during the initiating fase of a team fight, to get to the nukers and take them out before they unleash heavy damage, just be ready to run right afterwards since their teammates will often go for you. This is a good thing, as you're a fast character, and can split up their formation.



Q and R uses magic pen to determine dmg while E uses armor pen.

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The guy above recommendation for Runes is good.
If you're cheap like me, just buy a Tier 1 Flat Damage Quint and use whatever you have.

Summoner Spells

Flash - Good for escaping or chasing if you really need to.

Ghost - Same as above but some like this more, some like Flash more.

Ignite - Good for additional AP or finishing off someone.

Exhaust - Good for chasing someone, saving someone, and killing someone. Really good as long as its not 3 ppl chasing you

Teleport - There are two main uses. 1) Early game to stay in lane longer. 2) Escaping with Shroud. Shroud + Teleport works, you will be exposed for a split second or like 0.5 seconds. If the person doesn't use AoE and is a few steps away. throw it in front of you, run in and use and Teleport away. It works despite what some people think.

Cleanse - Great for escaping, Akali is squishy.

I usually throw as much as possible in Offensive without putting it in useless things. The +1 Damage Mastery is a must (3 points). Then anything remainder I put in Defensive.

Skill Build
I always get Q first, then W or E depending on who I am against. Then get another rank at Q (at level 3) then get whatever I didn't get at level 2 (W or E). Q is essential because that is your only harrassing and last hitting skill if enemy is ranged. By level 6, I would have 3 ranks in Q, 1 in W, 1 in E, and 1 in R.

From there I usually make Q first, then E then W, and R whenever possible. But sometimes I level E again to farm easier.

Item Build
I don't really play Twisted Treeline, so I can't help you here. I find this build generally the best.
Doran's Blade + HP Potion
Boots + Tome/Wand (Depends on how well you farmed)
Finish Boots or Tome/Wand or Giant's Belt.
Finish Rylai
Pick axe
Finish Guinsoo's Rageblade
Usually ends here

Doran's Blade + Tier 1 Flat Damage Quint + 3x +1 Damage Mastery = Spell Vamp + Life Steal. This will really help your early game survibility. I used to get Guinsoo before Rylais but I realized that even if I can deal more damage, what good is it if I cant stay alive long enough to deal it? Rylai gives you the slow and survibility that you need. Guinsoo makes your AP passive deal more magical damage per auto attack by having more base physical damage. Guinsoo gives you the attack speed you need for killing turrets. The last item is Lichbane. You can get Sheen earlier if you wish, it'll proc with Q and deal more damage. But I find that Sheen's Sapphire Crystal is completely useless. Investing early on that makes me waste money. 400 gold for early game that isn't being fed is important. For late game, not so much. You can also get the MR item from Lich Bane earlier if you are dying from Nukes too fast.

Play Style
Simple, you're an assassin. Be an assassin, stay back and relax and watch. Sorta like Eve. If you have a normal game where you are not fed or underlevel. Most the time you can 1 vs 1 anyone by surprise. Ryze can nuke you to death, but so can you if you catch him by surprise (for example, getting golem buff). Always try to start off with throwing Q first and follow up with auto attack or R. After R quickly hit E or auto attack to finish the Q's second part. Basically, always try to make use of the full damage of Q and use E when you finish using R. Use W whenever you start a battle, the additional armor and stealth is really useful if they stay and fight. You also use W first because it'll be on cooldown, if things go bad and you are able to drag it long enough. You can use W again. Of course you can just save W up for escaping.

In team fights, I recommend hiding in a brush and wait for your tank to initiate. Join in after the initiate burst of attacks. Don't go near the melee tanks/dps champions (your team or enemy). Either use Q first or R first on the squishy and burst them to death. Normally, it doesn't matter which is first. They are focused on attacking others so you usually can finish your combo. Use R to chase, but if you are near A LOT of enemy minions. Try and save 1 R for escaping.