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Solrock build ideas.

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I've had a soft spot (or sun spot) for that mini sun pokemon since it's debut. I want to get into competitive battling and mainly stick with NU and UU pokemon (though i'll still use them in OU and such, makes victories that much sweeter)

So far I have a shiny Hardy Attack/Speed EV trained nidoking, and though i'm deciding on his moveset he does at least have a good physical stab in earthquake.

He's my first choice for my team. Solrock is to be my second but i'm unsure as how to build him. It seems attack and defense are the most obvious stats to boost (at least defense more than attack).

Any ideas? I'm stuck, he definitely needs a fire attack IMHO as to help against the grass and steel and bug pokemon (scizor won't know what hit him!). But then I think... maybe will-o-wisp is better as it shuts down physical attackers. Maybe both will-o-wisp and maybe overheat? I don't think most people seeing a solrock will expect any fire attacks coming their way.

I hear explosion is a popular choice. What about heal block? I watch youtube wi-fi battles and it seems there is always 1-2 pokemon on a team that have healing skills.

I am trying to figure out what would work against the current metagame... which I have no idea what the current metagame even is. Maybe something of a lead that gets in there to throw out stealth rock.