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joiner sounds

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the sounds of people joining in practice games is far too soft. i often find myself waiting for a game to fill and then i read the forums thinking i'll hear the sounds when people join. but i dont, and i forget about it, and then im "the afk host". can we tweak that sound to be just a little louder? i dont want to have to turn all sounds up because then the interface shuffling sounds like a steel mill, and the runes sound the bell tower of notre dame.

edit: never mind, i guess it failed to save it last when i changed the sound settings. but a slight change could be in order. also im SOOOO glad you added a sound for invites. but that sound is actually too quiet. its like something dropped on the ground far away. make it drop closer.

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or better yet, just add a sound when game is full, something like: "Check it, Check it, Check iiiiittttt!"

Ps: Riot if u are interested i happen to have this sound file on my computer, just contact me and i will send it to you.