Summoner Spells Ideas or Information on Forthcoming

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Often times I look at my summoner spells and feel a wave of sparseness come over me.
I know that spells that everyone has to choose 2 of is a difficult area to make, implement, and then balance, like a rhino and an acorn on a seesaw, but I don't think I'm the only one who would like to see more Summoner Spells over a new character (except malthazar 'cause he looks like a dream come true) (and yes I know that the people who make characters don't make the summoner spells)
Any ideas for summoner spells?
For new-er players, there used to be a spell, I think it was called Promote, and it turned a regular minion into a super minion: why not try to balance that out?
What else?
Maybe a Shop Function summoner spell working one of a few ways, either making an NPC shop for allies for thirty seconds or only the ability to use on your own character once for X amount of time with X cooldown...
Maybe not the most probable idea, but any ideas are welcome.
Or if you have any information on Forthcoming spells, that's welcome too...
No, I have no idea how to use the Search function.