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What Do we Know about Valve / Riot / Blizzard

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Riot has said Shortly After Pax we will let all you people who drive us nuts on the forums have dominion...

Valve Up coming Dota2 Beta "Sometime after the stupid tourny we may have a open beta to try and get a stress Test"

Blizzard "Sign up for diablo 3 beta which will come out "sometime in September"

Honestly Three amazing Games(or modes) our coming out sometime this month..... I am starting 2 wonder if everyone is worried if we drop dota2 beta will Riot then Turn around and drop dominion or blizzard letting teh masses into d3 beta.... Or anyway you wanna spin that conversation................................

Around the Globe ask your self this question..... Will a TON of people be playing Dominion Diablo 3 beta Dota2 beta???? Yes they our all coming out "around the same time" a lot of people including me want to play all 3 if not at least MOST of you will want 2 play diablo3 beta like really really really bad I mean thats a major want on probley everyones list!

So my question is which game will top the most players..... and what do you think of my statement i have it rated as... (sorry riot)

1. Diablo 3
2. Dominion
3. Dota2

Mine is different but thats what the majority will be

And besides its hard to say Do you want 2 Dominion Dota2 or diablo3.... i can't wait!

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I signed up for the Dota2 beta, dont know if ill make it or not, but if I do, ill be playing both that and LoL.
Mainly because ive got friends that will be joining me in playing Dota2 so I dont have to solo and fail hard alone :P