I see no badness in Tryn.

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Originally Posted by Varnic View Post
He's not bad at all. Late game, properly played and farmed, he has the potential to solo an entire team by himself.
As opposed to soloing an entire team with friends? how do you solo something with more than you?

Trynd is pretty intense late game farmed, he can be quite the carry but hes outdone by some amazing carries i.e. jax, and if you have a good team with a few stuns/slows, you can time your stuns and slows so even if he has cleanse you can get some stuns after he clensed even if it is for 50% of the time for the next 3 secs he can be pretty much raped.

Trynd is very circumstancial and yes very RNG dependant, in any competitive game, and any game you wanna be taken serious, i'd rather pick any other dps carry than him.....even yi