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A proposal to Riot and their future "ETA's"

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Great Mentor



As much as I would like to see a release date announced, I understand the position that Riot is in the event of technical difficulties. It's made a sour note of all of their ETA's to my observation.

I hope Riot acknowledges this topic, even if it tallies onto the amount of threads requesting that a rough release date is given. Nearly every fan clamors this and Riot appears to be preventing themselves from giving such information out to potentially set us off even more.

"Soon after Pax" doesn't sound pleasing in comparison with their previous ETA's on projects that weren't completed by this day.

If Riot does read threads often and respond to sound ideas, I would prefer to not make a new thread and propose that a "Percentage Complete" bar could be implemented in Riot's website for all of their announced projects.

They would technically all start out at 1%, and Riot could give percentage boosts to the bar periodically, in equal increments or certain percentages over a set period. This would fulfill the role of two functions.

-It doesn't necessarily give way to a solid announcement date. Percent Completed is split from one thing many depend on and look forward to, the future (aka time). Pinning the date on the calendar would make any project susceptible to the element of time, meaning a more gruesome deadline approaches if the certain deadline isn't met. This doesn't make anyone happy. However one may argue with the estimation of "sometime after (x) date" isn't redeeming either.

-It allows Riot to gauge their Progress and present such progress to the many patient (or impatient fans). Imagine at this very moment that Dominion's Completion bar was at 95% percent. This means that we are very close for launch, but the Completion bar does not mean the amount of percent of time remaining until launch. If this is difficult to understand, think of loading the map before you start a game. You reach 99% percent, but due to connection issues you don't reach 100% as easily as you thought.

In a realistic scenario, think of a common patch update. You could be at 50% in 3 minutes, but have to wait an additional 10 minutes due to the other 50% containing larger files than the other half.

This system was used before, not for a update of a pre-existing game, but for the creation of a Fan-developed game by Capcom, which is my username. They used a "Percent Completed" system for the completion of the game, which allowed us fans who were pouring and contributing so much into the game, a good idea of our progress. Even though the game never made it to 100%, it gave us a strong impression that we wouldn't see the game in the distant future, but a year after development started.

We have a similar level of fan and player based interaction right here on these forums. Imagine if Riot announces a project that will require larger amounts of player input than normal. As I'm certain that the current amount of feedback and ideas help Riot's effort to make Dominion fun and balanced, I believe this sort of system would help acknowledge similar projects in the future by helping fans acknowledge themselves for their input, and additionally let them know whatever they are waiting for is surely on the way.

Thoughts? If Riot is planning on remedying this issue, we can certainly start on creating good ways for them to give us an idea of an ETA rather then begging them to give us a release date.