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Question about champion balancing

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Albel Tel Wicked

Senior Member


This is just a short question that I would like to ask. I am unsure if this would ever happen but I was wondering what riot would do in this position. Let's say that one champion for some reason was completely broken in dominion. Though in Summoner's Rift he was sort of balanced and okay.

I understand of the items in dominion only and that could be the reason of the brokenness and in which the items would be changed. Though if it was from just the champions standpoint how would you fix this. I mean if you wanted to nerf the thing that made him op wouldn't have nerf it in the summoner's rift map which could be part of what makes him balanced there?

Like I said this may not happen and if it does it may be because of the new items for dominion only which can be changed and not affect summoner's rift.