Tank 40%CDR Irelia utility/peeler/iniator (s4 - p4.5runes)

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1 Week Ago

check out my guide just made it on the fly so not thorough i i highly suggest yall give it a try. http://www.lolking.net/guides/262474

I've been stomping with tank irelia, with the new update to CDR flat quints, I get 7.50 CDR plus 2.5 from glyphs, plus 5 mastery. I get 15 from CDR boots, go attack speed marks rest I go tank, with warmogs thornmail wits end randuins omen or banshe's...
or roll cdr per lvl 3X quints + 3 X glyphs for 20%! you'll have that 10% at lvl 9ish. and for late game you can sell cdr boots and not worry about less cdr.
With blue buff I have max CDR to spam the best single target stun in game her E.
And her ult always up which is all the DMG u need as tank, wits end provides for enough attack speed to prop her heals fro. W...
Try it it rocks I run tele top and start with potion flask...for mana regent, I last hit minions with q if I have a decent amount of manager to spare.
I like to buy home guards on her a recall often to refresh her manager.

Her q procs wits end too. I get that late since I doing level up her w until last. I max e since its insanely long stun. Great to escape or when gangking.

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