@Riot, Ignoring questions about Dominion's Release date?

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z kanee

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Originally Posted by xHopesFall View Post
Not to mention, LoL isn't an MMO. It's a 5v5... which is far from an MMO. If you qualify LoL as an MMO then every Multiplayer game on the net is an MMO... which is far from the truth..

Back on topic,

Soon was a good enough answer for me. It should be out with in a comfortable "soon"ish time such as before the end of this month.
It is infact a massive multiplayer online game. Just not a MMORPG, which is what you're thinking of.

Honestly, I don't want a specific date, I just want to know a rough estimate. Soon can be from now until January for all we know. I just want to know if we should expect it sometime this month, or later than that.