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[GUIDE]Gangplank - Truckin' with his gat.

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Ok, so here's my general idea with Gangplank. This entire build is based around his Morale and Parrrley spells. The overall goal is to be the fastest, hardest-hitting thing on the map. For reference, I rarely get to finish this build. I sometimes don't even make it to the Phantom Dancer. It's a pretty expensive build and time-consuming, but it's well worth it.

Post any feedback and suggestions, if you have any ideas.


Masteries: These I like to leave up to you. I find that you can either focus more on the hard hitting or the fast moving. I personally use 9/0/21, for extra speed and monster buff duration.

Runes: My main suggestion will be your attack runes should all be Crit-damage runes. I also use Cit damage quintessences, which pushes my base crit damage to 233%. My utility runes are usually cooldown, though move-speed is acceptable as well. Defenses are up to you, though I would reccomend flat health runes for early survivability.

Summoner Spells: I prefer Clarity/Ghost. Like i mentioned, I always want to be the fastest thing on the map. And with the exception of a Rammus, this build nearly guarantees that.

Spell order: First, like always, grab parrrley. Immediately after that get a rank in Scurvy. Get another parley, and then another scurvy. After that precedence goes like this: Ult > Parrley > Morale > Scurvy.

Starting out: This is where i do things a little differently than usual. I have 2 choices. If I'm mid against someone like Ez, grab some boots and a mana pot. The boots will help you dodge his shots, and you can harass and last-hit minions. If I'm not mid, I usually prefer a mana sapphire. It gives you extra mana, so you can lane longer, and you won't be wasting mana with Clarity. In every case, though, play defensively. Up until you have your ult, only use parrley for last hits, and remove scurvy when necessary. As soon as you have 860, run back for a Sheen. Parley benefits from Sheen heavily, and you should notice an immediate damage boost.

Ninja's can't airstrike. So now you have your ult. At this point look immediately for an enemy champ that's low. The ult is pretty ridiculous at this level, since there's not a lot of health in the pool, and a lot of characters don't have boots. If you get the kill, great. if not, oh well. Maybe one of your allies did. In any case, your next priority is boots. I almost always go with boots of Swiftness.

Here's where it gets odd. My next set of items is a little unorthodox, but it works. 2 Cloaks of Agility and a Zeal. This should raise your crit right up around 50%, so you should be seeing those pretty red numbers fairly often now. As soon as you can, build one of those cloaks into an Infinity Edge. This will give you +80 damage, and will raise your critical strike ratio to 283%. Here you are presented with a bit of a choice. Here I like to build the Zeal and Sheen into a Trinity Force. It gives better damage percentage returns than Sheen, and it also comes with the occasional slow, and a bit of a move-speed upgrade. This should stick you right around 60% crit. But you're not stopping here. You can either buy another Cloak, or you can build the one you have left into an Atma's Impaler. At this point your regular melee should be hitting for roughly 450 per hit, perhaps more, and your Parley should say it's hitting for about 1200.

Ghosting? Absolutely. If you took ghost as a summoner spell, you should be able to Ghost/Improve Morale to zoom around the map with about 600 MS If not, you should still be haulin'. Either way, try to finish up a Phantom Dancer and watch those numbers get higher. For your last item slot, you have a choice. Are you facing tanks? Might want to look into Last Whisper or Bloodrazor. If not, you can pick and choose. Life Steal is nice, so a Bloodthirster might be in your future. If you just want the rest in flat damage, look into a Sword of the Occult. Occult can get you extra move speed, though at this point you probably won't be able to fill it up, anyway. Use your ghost to pull off those last-minute slayings on those cowards that flee before you, or use it to get out of dodge, should you find yourself in a sticky situation.