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Countering a turtling Heimer?

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Champions with AOE abilities can take out turrets effectively.

Nunu can literally eat turrets.

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i love seeing the counters on him, but lets face it guys hiemer is pretty intense. If you could see that your enemy had him during champ select yeah you can counter him with selecting a good counter champ. but the fact is that a good hiemer can eat an entire team for breakfast.

I think he can be countered and he is really squishy and the one good thing is that he has very little pursuit abilities. but those turrets and his missiles pack so much punch. Ive seen him tear down a 1v5 rush from multiple angles.

I think that they should do a couple things(not all of them just something).

  • no brush stealth for turrets.
  • decreased range on his grenades (not a lot just a bit).
  • and maybe (note i said maybe) lower the turret armor pierce just a bit.

As for leaving him and doing other lanes if he is smart you just loose one tower at a time until GG