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F.A.Q.ing guide: Kennen

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Usually guide authors hide item list so you have to read their scribble to get it. My scribble is little messy and a bit crazy so I figured out that it would be better to place my item list right on top of the guide. I don't care much about runes and stuff so you won’t find any suggestions here. Almost anyone can effectively use this guide since basic idea of this build is careful AP stacking.

At start get Amplifying Tome + 1 health potion
1. Upgrade Amplifying Tome for Kage's Lucky Pick
2. Sorcerer's Shoes
3. Mejai's Soulstealer
4. Haunting Guise
5. Rylai's Crystal Scepter
6. Zhonya's Ring
(7.) sell Kage's Lucky Pick, get Guardian Angel if you able not to forget about resurrecting effect of this armor or Void Staff if your opponents amassing magic resistance items (which they should. Otherwise they were stupid enough to ignore you.).

+ get and use Elixir of Brilliance every time you got 300 gold and those are not sufficient to buy any of items listed above or items they consist of.

For those fellas who still want strange things other then item list: be my guest and read futher. However, be ready to bear my other identities who came from abyss of my subconscious to interview me. Let the madness begins! >_<

Cool Guy: First question! Since Kennen is a ninja shouldn't we expecting dps, crazy acrobatics and stuff here?
difenderu: Nope. The funny thing is that some people think about Kennen as a ninja But, in fact he is a mage. I'm not sure why Riot tagging him only as assassin (although, of course, Kennen probably one of the best killers in the game if played right). So we gonna stack AP like hell it this guide.

Mr. Rage: Why AP?! Kennen is a ninja so he doesn't need that! It should be possible to dps almost anyone around to nearly instant death with hundreds of shurikens!
difenderu: Maybe. I'm sure that there are people with ultra skillz who can do it. But playing Kennen that way is kinda 60 % effective. Why? Let me explain.
Every time you start to brainlessly auto-attack your opponents you don't use your energy (and that in fact is limitless mana). So it's wasted. Another waste is that you don't use other Kennen's power: the Marks of storm.

Mr. Rage: Not true! Surge allows to apply those Marks on your target, literally obliterating it!
difenderu: Every 5 attacks sounds too insufficient to me. Normally at the time you will get your attack speed high enough to use it as advantage your opponents will become too powerful and you will be obliterated instead. You can really try to pull this off, but until Master Yoda hasn't trained you in person it's very risky. My guide try to carefully utilize Kennen's natural potential at it's fullest.

Mr. Rage: You can still apply Marks with other abilities! But why do you need them that badly, anyway? Jax (which is my favorite) is doing well without any Marks!
difenderu: Btw I don't see you around much Mr. Rage. I hope you are not Mr. Rage(quitter) coz I hate leavers. Well... anyway:
1. What the point going for huge dps if you not gonna use it (and you don't if you use abilities instead of auto-attack)? You need to specialize, because otherwise you will not be able to deal any real damage to opposite team (and that is kinda frustrating, isn't it?).
2. Marks are very useful: there is not many champions in the game that have stun (Riot always trying to avoid stuns and there is good reason for it). You can stop channeling spells with stuns, stop enemy champions from runnung away and if you playing right you often can do Q-W-E combo even without getting any damage. Moreover, Kennen's stuns allow great crowd control because of his ultimate and Lightning Rush + Surge combination.
3. Jax is great champion and his abilities have best synergy with auto-attack playstyle. Kennen doesn't have that.

Ladykiller: I want to get 20 \ 0 \ 30 score every game. Is it possible with your guide?
difenderu: Sure. Assuming you are playing with noobs who just entered the game. League of legends is very team-dependant game (and that's why I adore LOL) so teamplay means much here. You may be master-assassin who kills everything on his path with years of experience and level over 8000, but when you got 4 other players who don't care about each other just like you do, it's a loss until you don't fighting team full of noobs. So... help your mates with stuns and damage (Kennen have it, believe me) and this will lead you to the victory and high kill scores. You don't have to be polite or do that funny "I'll protect my comrades!!" stuff. Just get the job done.

Mr. Cho: How those pitiful items of yours will help me to NOM NOM NOM?
difenderu: Hey! I didn't knew that I have Cho'Gath as one of my subconscious personality. 0_o

Mr. Cho: Answer my question!
difenderu: Oh well.. I guess there is Cho'Gath in all of us. ^_^''
Anyway, Mr. Cho raised an important topic here. Why those items and why in that order? The answer is: all of them mainly give you either AP or magic penetration and DON'T give any mana (if you get any item with mana your money would be wasted). You see, there are not much items with such properties so we don't really have much choice if we gonna play as an AP Kennen, and here lies his greatest advantage: we can stack Ability points really fast, as compared with other casters who needs mana. So, thanks to all of this our Kennen errr... NOM like hell. >_<

Kawaiineko: Hi difenderu! I love your guide! But the thing is that I don't understand why do you have so much small items? Kennen is great farmer: you can go straight to Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Zhonya's Ring if you want AP that badly! =^_^=m
difenderu: Thank you! Farming is very important part of the game. I'm sure that before League of legends got this flashy name Riot called their project "Big money" or something like that. It's true that Kennen good at farming. BUT! It's only true when you have enough AP (about 300 or so. Easy) to instantly kill whole wave of creeps with E-W combination. Scepter gives you AP, ok, but it gives you hit points as well, and we will need those only in late game because it's very easy for Kennen to hit and run, avoiding getting hurt or killed in midgame and earlygame. I've seen many Kennens going straight to Rylai and they was just a little better than Kennens with attack speed and dps. I usually get Heal as Summoner spell to increase my survivability.
As for Zhonya's Ring it gives you considerable amount of AP but it's passive make sense for me only when you already have a lot of Ability points. Additional + x % only works for big numbers, otherwise it's wasted. Now, what's better: saving gold for Zhonya all game long and get nothing except it in the end or constantly get AP items and have crazy boost in lategame?
The other item which usually they try to get early is Haunting Guise. Wrong! The same thing as with Zhonya! 5 % spell vampirism not gonna save your live if you get puny 1 hit point every time you damage someone with spell!

Ponytail: Why Kage's Lucky Pick and Mejai's Soulstealer? It doesn't make any sense!
difenderu: Kage's Lucky Pick is to compensate poor farming earlygame (still gives AP!). Get one level of Lightning Rush before you save up 330 gold. Then immediately bluepill, get Kage and return to your line using Lightning Rush. It's important to get Kage's Lucky Pick as early as it possible.
Why Mejai? Easy. It's cheap and you always have around 40 additional AP. Even if you die often. No other item will give you such moderate AP for funny 1200 gold. Moreover, If you are lucky Majai can be devastating. Buy it!

Frosty: Elixir of Brilliance? Are you kidding?
difenderu: No.

Ultraman: I understood idea about the items. How do you put it all together?
difenderu: Attack from the sha... errm... from the bushes. Remember general rule: Q always comes first. Always get Q when you level up. Don't attack your target until you didn't hit it with Q. With all of our AP Q-E-W-Q combo should be devastating (if not — get moar AP).
The only exception that if you gonna use the ultimate. Hide yourself in the bushes, wait till enemy team start to fight with yours, hit R, then E and fly directly in center of battle. Every enemy will get two Marks of storm as you run through them and followed by W it will stun making them an easy target for either your Thundering Shuriken or your mates.

RedFox: So, what about that Elixir of Brilliance after all? I don't get it.
difenderu: Simple. Elixir of Brilliance is good on Kennen. Your attacks will become surprisingly mighty and cooldown reduction is good too. More AP = better spell damage = larger kill score = lots of AP from Mejai. Moar AP for just 300 gold? Yes, please!!

And now! forget about everything that i said earlier. There is no "right" way to play games. Play as you wish and have fun! =)

that's all for now, folks. Good luck on the fields of justice!

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I don't care much about runes and stuff so you won’t find any suggestions here.

careful AP stacking

The funny thing is that some people think about Kennen as a ninja But, in fact he is a mage.

kinda 60 % effective

I had...HAD...to stop reading after these...