Game latency increases +1000 a minute into a game

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Whenever a game starts, around a minute to two minutes into the game, my latency sometimes jumps to around 1000 to 1400 ms, basically making the game unplayable. It stays like this for about a minute, sometimes longer, and then it goes back down to around 40-60 ms and stays there for the rest of the game. This happens with all the different types of games, normal, ranked, solo and arranged. I have seen this not happen on practice games, albeit infrequently. I play the game with a wired connection (although I do have a wireless connection as well), though a Linksys router. I play other online games, and haven't encountered an issue like this before.

1. Logged into the Game Client
2. Clicked on "Play Game."
3. Selected a normal arranged game.
4. Selected Champion "Ashe"
5. Game Launch
6. Game latency increases to 1200ms 1:35 seconds into the game.
7. Game latency decreases to 47ms 2:40 seconds into the game.
8. Latency stays around 40-50 for the rest of the game.