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Gameclient Freezing

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During game playing as Noct I froze around 20 times during a game and the game would NOT unfreeze so I had to endtask it and restart it, It is a-lot better than my whole system freezing up almost every time a Noct used an ability, but now it seems uber random, I have frozen fighting with the wolves in jungle and in team fights, then ONE time I completed an entire team fight and when Kogmaw died "he was the last enemy to die" game froze again.
It made it really difficult to play knowing that at random I would freeze and my champ would just be sitting there autoing.. infact it made it impossible :/
I DO appreciate that Riot has finally attempted to patch whatever is wrong with Nocturne freezing and crashing people and I am VERY happy that it no longer causes my entire system to freeze and bluescreen, it continues normally and the freezes are contained to within the game client.