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Skarner with a "sucide bug"

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Hello riot, folks.
I'm enjoying every LOL matchs.
Well, today, I'd like to report a bug about a champion.
The champion with a bug is Skarner, I found he has some kind of "sucide bug", maybe.

-> Process, Reproducibility of the bug.
1. Skarner get his ULT.
2. Skarner use ULT to a enemy champion.(be dying is better)
3. Skarner use Qskill to a enemy champion during ULT time.
4. If a enemy champion died causing by Skarner's exactly Qskill (if you'd kill enemy champ with auto attack, the bug cant be occur), thereafter, that skill can be wound Skarner himself.
5. Finally Skarner can sucide, and there is a Score Log with bugs.
(Fortunately, Skarner couldn't get any money from "sucide kill".)

Thank you for your reading.

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its been reported a few times already and their is a video on the current bugs page