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Odd issues in a 1vbot Custom

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I load up a custom game as Amumu to test out a new runeset for jungling. I buy my cloth armor and then my potions and over the course of the game a few odd things happened.

- For the first minute I seemed unable to adjust my inventory slots (ie: positions of items) but then they suddenly swapped around. This MIGHT have been lag, but I'm uncertain as the game seemed to be functioning fine otherwise.

- When I attacked Ancient Golem (aka blue buff) it did not attack me back for several seconds. I originally thought it was lag, but the golem was taking damage normally and I didn't experience any "spike" damage when it started attacking me. The mini-lizards were not attacking either, though I am not fully certain of this statement.

- When I attacked the regular golems (aka mini golems, twin golems etc.) my champion (Amumu) stopped attacking for several seconds, but the golems continued attacking him. Suddenly Amumu started attacking again but again, this did not seem to be lag. There was no unusual "spike" of damage as one would expect from lag and it seemed as if Amumu was taking damage normally during this time, though I am not entirely sure.

- Nasus bot didn't seem to have any summoner spells. He had two blank icons on the "score screen" when I tabbed and did not use any during the match.

It's not really a big issue, I just thought I would mention it. Additional information that likely bears no relevance:

- Jungle Path was Blue, Wolves, Wraiths, Red, Golems into lane.

- Enemy bot was Nasus Bot. I did not select a difficulty when I went into the match (I simply added the bot (which defaulted to Annie, I think) and then swapped it to Nasus. Under "Difficulty" it merely said... "Difficulty". I might have clicked it once to open the thing, I'm not sure?)

Runes were:
5 flat AD marks
4 Armor pentration marks
Full flat armor seals
Full scaling Magic Resist glyphs
Two flat health quints
One flat armor quint

Summoner spells were Flash + Smite, in that order.

Masteries were 1/18/11.
- One point in Smite
- Full Armor/MR, Health regen, -physical damage taken, -minion damage taken, +base HP in blue
- Three HP/MP regen, one death timer, full EXP, one gold, two neutral monster duration buffs in utility.

I won't be actively monitoring this thread since I believe I've given everything conceivably necessary (and then some) in this post. I dunno what caused the problem and it's not that big (unless parts of this echo into normal games) I just thought I would mention it.