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Bugs with minions/twrs

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Not sure if i just happen to be unlucky and get this to happen alot, but ive notice that minions in coop games and in some normal games are acting weird.

Been having minions attack me while i have other minions in front of me, no enemy champ is there but for some reason they go for me over the melee minions i have infront of me. Also noticeds towers attacking me when i have minions in front of me and again there are no champs there to hit to make it target me.

Was in a game and noticed it happened to another player, but not sure if this is a bug or not or just minions acting odd every once in a while or if something is being done to cause minions/towers to attack when in previous months ive never had this problem.

Any insite or anything would be greatly appreciated. Its nothing game breaking but just odd things ive been noticing these past few weeks.