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Udyr Builds Thread (TT and SR)

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I unfortunately haven't found much concrete information on Udyr on either here, solomid, or leaguecraft. So I intended this thread as a way for people, myself included, to post and critique builds.

My builds (they might suck, lol)

1) SR Locket Udyr

Innervating Locket
Mercury's Treads
Trinity Force
Bloodthirster / Stark's Fervor

This build has quite a bit of survivability, but is slow to get the DPS ball rolling. Works best in long games

2) SR Offensive Udyr

Phage --> Triforce
Mercury's Treads
Last Whisper

Starts pumping out DPS faster than the Locket build, but has less support and survivability.

2) TT Offensive Udyr

Doran's Shield
Boots of Whatever
Brutalizer --> Ghostblade
Trinity Force

It's ok, I guess better stuff exists.

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my build
hybird Offensive Udyr:

start of with mana reg
then att sp boots
Trinity Force
turn the mana reg into something tooth (which give att sp and ap)
and finaly get lich

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On TT you pretty much need catalyst.

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Locket build is slow if you go straight for locket. Try Sheen+boots, then build locket. That should give you the mana and DPS boost to survive the early/mid-game.

I'm thinking about an AD udyr to take advantage of the new Tiger, but I haven't played with it yet. Something like Sheen+boots, BF Sword, Last Whisper, Brutalizer. Though the LW is a cheap, effective boost that I don't think one would want to wait on that long. My best DPS games on TT are usually Sheen, Boots, Last Whisper, game over.

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I don't think Udyr can ever built maxing one stat. He defintely shines when built as a hybrid. You need survivability because you have zero range, but if you do not put out any damage they can more or less ignore you.

ASPD/AD builds do work very well if you plan on maxing tiger by level 12-13. Wit's End/ Executioner's Calling is a surprising effective set up vs. the ezreal/soraka/janna teams you see wandering around.

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So far this has been my greatest success with Udyr on TT:

TT pheonix build:
Doran's Blade
Vamp Scepter --> Starks
Phage --> Either Triforce if you need dps, or Frozen Mallet if u need survivability

If they are melee heavy get Sunfire Cloak next.
If they are caster / cc heavy get Banshees.
Game should be over by your 5th item.

You can also go with a tiger build if your comfortable

TT tiger build:
Doran's Blade
Vamp Scepter --> Malady
B.F sword --> Black Cleaver
Phage --> Frozen Mallet

I know malady seems like an odd choice, but it gives u the best dps in tiger stance for minimal gold because as you will notice the +30 damage builds up quick and basically turns tiger stance into 4 hits per swing. Get one early game and watch your dps fly.

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I have enjoyed tearing up SR as AttackSpeed/AD Udyr. My build looks very similar to most:

1) Malady
2) Beserker greaves
3) Sheen
4) Trinity Force
5) Nashor's tooth

Yes i know everyone says to NOT get 1) or 2) but malady is so cheap and a great AS boost. It is really working for me. Nonetheless, I'll swap it out with starks next game and see how that fares. The aura does seem awesome for the whole team.

I do not have any AS runes hence i need the greaves. I am pretty conservative in spending IP on runes. I generally run my red Armor Pen, yellow dodge, blue CD reduc and Quint armor pen runes for all most of my dps champs, rather than getting super specialised rune sets for each champ.

I do agree however, in swapping greaves for merc threads when facing ryze and morgana. Friggin snares...

As for TT,
1) Sheen
2) tabi or merc
3) Starks
4) brutalizer

In TT, prioritizing tiger and sheen over everything else = win. But i love SR so much more...

EDIT: switched out nashor's for starks in TT build

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Omega Therion

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SR? Aegis, Treads, Sheen then see where we're at/who's targeting me/what my team needs me to do/what form of damage I'll be eating in the AoE spamfest

I generally finish Aegis/Treads/WE/Triforce/Veil/Cleaver if facing a well rounded team, I hardly use the same item build for every game because... well I hardly do the same thing every game, sometimes I'm an aura *****, sometimes I'm DPS, sometimes I'm a Pseudo tank.