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Game not working at all.

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Emissary of the League


I'll just run through a numerous amount of problems I've encountered since yesterday.

-Since I came back from school today, I can't even get into LoL at all. "The launcher has experienced an error. Please restart this application."

-Reinstalling does nothing.

-Redownloading does nothing.

-In the event I do get in, I can't choose a rune page or mastery page as when I choose a character the game crashes for 30 seconds before coming up with an unknown error and displaying I haven't chosen the character when I have.

-In the event the character selection goes to 0:00 and sends people ingame, I have to close LoL and reboot it up to get in the game itself via reconnect feature.

-Profile screen won't let me switch to runes/masteries/champion pages etc.

-Occasionally I get very bad rubber banding ingame.

To further explain all my problems, I had a game yesterday which went swell, we won and hurray for that, but upon joining another game after thats when the problems started ;(.

Also, I'm not sure if I should be attaching a file or not? Halp

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Senior Member


Thanks for posting this Xuno! We'll check this out. You also might want to look into the Help & Support forum and see if you can get these issues fixed.