Cassiopeia: Smartcast bug - ultimate in the wrong direction

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Mighty Mad Mogry

Senior Member


Lately I experienced some weird bug, using Cassiopeia's ultimate in combination with smartcast would make her spin around and cast it into the other direction.

It might be a coincidence but I (as a EU player) have only experienced it so far when I'm connected to the us-servers (120 to 170 ping).

Appears after flashing sometimes.

Just an idea:
Maybe the server doesn't respond fast enough? You Flash/Spin around + cast (you see the flash) But for the server you're still at your old spot.

I just tried it in a practice game with a friend - also occurs when used as macro with locked camera (in order to avoid a human missclick/mistake).

Don't know if it has to do soemthing with the problem but I bound all buttons to default smartcast.