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Low FPS for some reason. Only in LoL

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I recently upgraded my graphics card to a Gigabyte GTX 550 ti 1gb gddr5. This is a fairly strong graphics card costing about 150... However it cant seem to run a simple game like LoL. On starcraft 2 however it runs easily with no problems at max settings. On LoL i only get 40 or so fps even at lowest settings possible and at med i get 25ish.

Can anyone give me some input on what to do or what may be causing this low fps on this game only?

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Uni TriTri Hepta

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Post your system spec in this threads. Also any recent r3dlogs.

The more the better (i think)

There are many people having this problem, you are not alone.
Hopefully this gets fixed for us soon. LoL unplayable, causing me massive ip loss, and possible ELO decay, because I don't want to go in and cause my team to lose because I cannot perform.