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Do you want to see |Fate| fighting |Anti-Fate|?

Yes 139 72.4%
No 14 7.29%
Neutral 39 20.31%
Voters 192 .

|Fate| Clan Recruit lvl20+

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Application- WildSide

1. How many hours/minutes do you play a day? 4-5 Hours a day

2. Will you become an active member of this clan? Yes

3. Do you have parents that will stop you from playing right in the middle of the game? Dnt live at home no more.

4. Are you a male of a female? Male

5. Are you in another clan that is part of the LoL community? If so, please specify the name. No


6. What level are you? 30

7. How many in-game wins do you have? 1325 wins

8. Do you have ventrilo or skype? Vent

9. Champion of choice- Shaco, Xin, Nasus, Warwick and others depends on our team who i pick

10. How old are you?21

I have Been playing since beta and im rlly good thank you. WildSide