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Originally Posted by Luminos Galen View Post
We already have a term for how much damage you do per attack. Its called AD. DPS factors both AD and AS, making it different than pure AD. Its an important stat to have if you are doing any mathcraft for builds.
yes but it also doesn't factor in stuns, snares, ect ect. DPH means just that regardless of game play your hit does that amount of damage

by factoring in attack speed your neglecting to factor in actual game play, but with DPH or DPA it would be accurate regardless, when you hit someone it does said amount of damage.

its more accurate than DPS. DPS is misleading IMO.

if i hit you with a damage of 10% of your life per hit, it takes 10 hits.

if i do 10% per second you would be dead in 10 seconds.

now if im hitting you 10 times i can hit you 10 different times while not just all out going against you.

if i do 10% per second, when are you counting seconds? what if i dodge an attack that seconds gone, now another, and another.

the way i see it is damage per second means exactly that how much damage you do per second, well idk about you but im not in combat every second.

it would be more telling IMO to say per hit or per attack, but im just fussing over nothing. lol.

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DPS doesn't really mean you actually sit there and figure out a number, compare it to another guy's number, and the guy with the bigger number wins. That's where the gameplay/cc come in.

DPS usually refers specifically to someone who does sustained damage over time (and when calculated, it's done as an everage). Look at someone like Caitlyn, who is going to have a steady damage output as a factor of damage, speed, crit, and armor pen. She does a specified amount of DPS when she is allowed to attack. (CC is relevant in that now you can calculate the effectiveness by damage lost to CC that lasts X seconds, because it reduces DPS time by that amount)

Now compare that to Malzahar, who is going to blow all his spells in one combo and do nothing for the foreseeable future waiting on cooldowns.

Cait is a "DPS" champion while Malz is a burst damage mage.