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Early game Windmill

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I will let your nob rammus take the windmill while my force of 3 team members kills your singe bot laner and steals your bottom point.

Frankly there are a LOT of strategies and choices at EVERY point in the game, NO SINGLE MOMENT of Dominion decides the win. Multiple matches at PAX went 1-0 while I was in line. My match went 0-36, and we had gotten the only mission buff (as far as I could tell, though the game is so frantic and like hundreds of people were watching while Morello shoutcasted, so I had a hard time focusing).

Anyways, it's an amazing game mode, all the characters bring something interesting and exciting to it (Blitz was incredibly disruptive and got a lot of kills). For instance, if you take Shaco, the control points offer some vision into the center circle (so you can often see what direction people are about to head), so he can blink into the center and the enemy team will literally have no idea where you're headed next.

Our most contested points in our game were actually the points outside of our own base. Those were taken from us a LOT, and I was doing the same thing to them. Speed to get between points is very important, but you'll be sacrificing other important stats that have different affects on winning.

Riot has succeeded in making a game mode that fits in their game completely.

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Yeah speed looks like it will be great to snipe capture points during the whole game. I personally want to try doing a hit and run the whole game with Teemo. He will have boots of mobility, ghost, his w as a must (if I try to max it or not as soon as possible), while still providing assistance in 2v2s and turning them into 3v2 due to mobility and fast response.