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problem whit timing...

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i got a problem in every game i play...

suddenly i can't control my champion, like i cast, but there no animation and the creeps freeze in the last action(like atack another creep and freeze in the animation, even qhen i saw his hp goes to 0), or like when i die, i never resurrect, the timer goes to 0, then the icon apear, but the screen is still grey and my champion isn't there, alse when the no-resurrection happen the creeps freezes...
step by step....

1.- open launcher (no problem)
2.- choosing game (no problem)
3.- choosing champion, runes, masteries (no problem)
4.- start the game (sometimes it freeze in the loading, but it don't happen often)
5.- in the game :
-it can go well the entire game
-it freeze just in the begining
-it freeze just after a massive fight
-it freeze when i die ( this is the common freeze, so i trie to not die so often)
6.- when it freeze i reconect and if am lucky and can recconect, it goes well for a while till it freeze again...

then viewing the forum i found....

We've had a lot of testers ask about these issues so I'm posting this up now so I don't have to make 100 replies (although you know I love replying). Eventually these will be in a more formalized knowledge base.

Player jump around or go very fast (ie a timing issue)

Most likely cause: AMD cpu bug. Latest motherboard/cpu drivers can fix this or "AMD Dual Core Optimizer" or setting the affinity of the game to use 1 cpu. To set the affinity right click on the league of legends process (not the launcher) in the task manager while the game is running and click set affinity and select only one cpu. You'll need to do that every time.

i have a AMD X3 core... weird but its ok...XD

and searching in google i found that "AMD Dual Core Optimizer" don't work in X3..
i also tried seting the affinity of lol to use 1 or 2 core... but it's worst than using the 3 cores...

i post now mi dxdiag... later i will post screenshots...

PD1:i got a latency of 90-140 in every game...
PD2: i love the game... but i really want to play it wihtout the freezes...
PD3: sorry for mi bad english...


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the screen shot...