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Matchmaking makes me angry!

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fyi: I dont speak English very well

I dont care if banning me, in fact, I even like to be banned .. so I'd leave this game once.

These days I saw a post which said that a "good player" who was not playing well and he who collaborated with the fun of others, or something. However, it is impossible not to get mad playing LoL, and it is not uncommon to happen, my cousin quit this game because of that, today he is playing a mmorpg.

When I play well and lose because noobs / leavers, I get nervous ... then when the other team starts to provoke or even when these noobs / leavers do it .. becomes impossible to control (at least to me), and then .. I can only insult the *******

Today I played eight and lost five, in one my team lost cuz a kat doing 2/10 and the rest of the team until he was playing well, and the other did the tf 2/7 and rammus 0/8 ... until then I was still calm ... After I won third row .. and then went to play again, and in the last three matches I played ... My team had leavers in all, the last, my team had two, and unlike what you may be wondering, they left early in the game at lvl 1 ~ 3 .. Worse, still has the unfortunate who speak at the end of the game: GG ... it makes me very angry .. everyone knows that the game was not fair and yet the idiot ******* comes and says: GG .. then I can only insult the guy to ease the anger ...

This matchmaking system is horrible to form teams, the teams are not balanced, on 80% of cases one is far superior to others and I also know that the Elo is used in 1v1 (one doubt: my elo rating changes as the hero that I choose? Well I guess it should) .. idk whether it is advisable to use in 5v5 .. anyway, instead of being happy playing LoL, I'm getting increasingly frustrated and angry.