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Lee Sin Dominion Runes flat or scaling AD reds

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Usually when I play Lee Sin I use flat AD reds and quints for the crazy boost of damage early, easily letting me out dps even those champs considered 'pure' dps because they usually require more farm.

But Dominion is going to be a new beast. from what I've gathered from random videos most players will be level 6-7 around 5-6 minutes in the game, if not sooner. Scaling AD reds give such a tiny boost at the start, but by level 7 the even out. Five minutes until the scaling begins to be better, but 5 minutes of Dominion is probably more fighting than 15 in SR or TT. I'm wondering if folks think the early boost in stats for capping points and getting kills early, or growing for fast coming mid/late game will be the better strategy in Dominion?

p.s. I will still probably use flat ad on quints, the scaling are just awful. that or move speed quints.