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About the new stuff...

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Saint Lunareus



It's so well done! Everything is so refreshing with the new art and whatnot, this is one of my favorite patches so far due to the aesthetics! Everything is so refreshing and sleek, I barely want to play the game over holding down tab to see the score board or just sitting at the end game lobby for dayz and dayz... Okay I lied, I wanna play the game to much xD

Removal of redundant information at the top of the screen - YES
New Scoreboard - OMFG YES
New Death Callout + Assist - Cannot live without anymore so YES
New End Game Lobby - EPIC

----Side Notes: Mostly off topic I guess.
So I had rage quit prior to this recent patch after first reading Shurelia's notes on sustain changes (when it seemed like Soraka was minus and ulti and Sona would get nothing for her heal nerf). But needing to fill the hole in my heart that only LoL could really fill, I turned to more self abusive things like playing HoN... Please don't judge we all have those dark times of our lives where we do heroine or crack and ruin our families, you get the gist. Mine was just a bit worse since I couldn't get any hard drugs. Turning to HoN, I found that the heroes were just for play and had no depth (lulz at the lore behind the game, they're barely trying; personalities are non-existent and quotes are lack luster). While the in game hud was revitalizing and interesting at first, I soon came to realize it just cluttered with useless options and that the store sucked (I actually still like HoN so I'm not trying to bash them which is all I seem to be doing...) While I love HoN (ONLY for Empath, Rhapsody and Emerald Warden; I'd do anything for a centaur archer on LoL that looks fey/celtic ANYTHING) I think it lacks the refined touch Riot is so generously offering their community. Anyhoo, I came back to make a final decision once the patch was out and you guessed it, I'm actually really happy with the patch as a whole.

THE MAIN POINT OF THIS IS: In the HoN store, you can see heroes in game rendering before you buy the hero; the same goes for any skin. That's something I'd greatly like to see in LoL due to the fact that sometimes the splash art is a little misleading (Bloodstone Taric's head looks just silly in game, even more so if you compare to the splash and Dryad Soraka doesn't have bangs at all. Just stuff like that; Also, my Siren Cass has a tongue coming out of the back of her neck). It's really the only thing I can think of for a suggestion since you guys are making this Hud something for legends... Which I guess seems appropriate.

I could spend hours writing thread after thread just thanking you guys for everything you do with the game to make it feel like something worth playing. I'll just do it once since I'd get in trouble for spamming however. :P

TL;DR: It'd be awesome to see the in-game rendering of a Champion or Skin in the shop prior to buying it. Thank you for really making LoL feel like the WoW of MOBA's/DOTA's. Sleek and refined while being user friendly and just plain beautiful. I <3 Riot and I'm sorry I rage quit.

Uhg, my TL;DR was TLTR... oh the irony...